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Why You Should Invest In Your Content

By Rachamim Kennard

Filling your webpage with detailed, insightful, and well-written content is a major factor when it comes to marketing your business and products. Well-researched and properly presented content is a vital sales technique; it can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful marketing campaign.

Company website content can have a profound effect on how customers relate to the brand. It is fundamental for:

  • Building trust with your potential clients and customers,
  • Communicating your message, vision, and ideas,
  • Elevating your brand recognition,
  • Generating leads,
  • Providing the foundation for successful marketing campaigns – social, offline and otherwise,
  • Communicating your brand’s unique voice.

Poor-quality content which is badly written, uncommunicative or cliche can dissuade potential clients and severely impact customer retention.

Conversely, content which is properly written and accurately communicates the message you wish to convey will drive web traffic, is much more likely to be shared on social media (and even go viral), but most importantly – it will distinguish you from your competition.

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The Value of SEO

The value of search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be understated. There have been several high-profile critics of SEO recently who claim that good content is more valuable than SEO when it comes to increasing web traffic. However, the truth is that SEO and high-quality content must work in tandem to achieve results. A poorly written article with a bunch of keywords thrown in haphazardly will do little to increase web traffic, but a well-written article with keywords seamlessly integrated into the text will have a profound impact web page ranking.  

When Google Hummingbird was released, it pretty much eliminated the spamdexing technique, which involved repeating certain key phrases multiple times in a manner which was inconsistent with the flow of the text. The SEO industry has since become more skilled and now the need for SEO experts and high-quality content is vital if you want your webpage to rise in the rankings.

Content Writing Services and Startups

Exceptional and creative content is a key component in the success of new Startup companies. Typically, a Startup lacks the funds required to aggressively market their products the way major corporations do. TV ads, billboards, even paid Google ads may all be too costly, so high-quality company website content is the affordable alternative. In fact, organic ranking tends to generate more website traffic than non-organic search results, and banner blindness and Ad Blockers are causing more and more companies to rely on website content rather than paid internet advertising to promote their business.


Israel has recently become known as the “startup nation.” The tiny Middle Eastern country with a relatively minuscule population is responsible for some of the most successful Startup companies in the last decade. Innovative products, ingenious software solutions, and cutting-edge internet tools are being developed at a staggeringly fast rate. This has prompted a need for skilled content writers and SEO experts. This is especially true in Israel whereby most of the companies are run by non-native English speakers and the Startups are targeting a global audience.

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The Value of a Content Agency

Many companies prefer to outsource their content writing to a third party, i.e. a professional content agency. This has several benefits, first, a content agency can provide more affordable content writing services than an in-house writer. Secondly, a content agency will be more familiar with industry trends and digital marketing strategies.

Regrettably, many Israeli Startups consider any native English speaker to be qualified to write the company’s website content. However, this is definitely not the case. A professional company website content writer needs to have a mastery over the language, be familiar with the product and the industry, and must be able to effectively communicate the content to the appropriate audience. A reputable content agency will ensure that its writers meet the very highest standards.

Bottom Line: Why You Should Invest in Your Content:

All business, especially Startups, require their company website content to be exceptional if they wish to be competitive, let alone successful. A content agency which offers affordable content writing services and utilizes industry experts is the optimal solution for new and established companies. Search engine algorithms are optimized to rank websites with well-written content higher, which makes the need for SEO content writing experts more important than ever.