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Why You Should Hire a Content Agency Over an In-House Content Writer

By Felicity Kay

So here it is: you’ve finally made the decision to start investing in your content (hurrah!) – but now, a whole new set of questions pop up: should you hire an outsourced content agency? Or start the process of hiring an in-house content writer?

It’s a good question, and not an easy one to answer: both options have their benefits and drawbacks. Having been there and done that as both an in-house content writer for a fair few years, and now running my own content agency, I feel as if I’m pretty well-versed in what both entail.

So here goes: which is better – outsourcing your content needs to a content agency, or hiring an in-house content writer?

To Hire, or Not to Hire?

Here’s the thing: if you’re anything like most startups or established companies, you’re going to need a LOT of ongoing content, not to mention starting content to get you hitting the ground running.

A good starting point would be to work out just how much content you need (both initially and ongoing), and then decide if one person (or more) would be able to handle producing what you need, in the timeframe you need it. If they would be able to, then that’s great – but would both the starting content needs and the ongoing ones justify your new hire’s salary?

If your content needs:

  • Wouldn’t justify another salary in the short or long-term,
  • Requires more than one person,
  • Are on a tight timeframe

…then that’s where a content agency comes in. Outsourcing your content needs as and when you need them works out far cheaper in the long-run, and – if your content needs are too much for one person to fulfil, you can rest assured that a team of professional writers can produce what you want, when you want it – and it’ll never be too much for them to handle.

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Training Trauma vs Peace of Mind

Another key thing to consider is the level of personal effort it’ll take to hire and train a new content writer.

As any business owner or manager knows, finding the right people is often a long, tedious and frustrating process. Yes, their CV might look good, but they present terribly in an interview – or even if not, once they’re employed in a new role, (in the worst case scenario) they might just not be up to the standard you expected, or (in the best case) take a long time to get to the standard you need them to be, both quality-wise and time-wise.

When hiring an in-house content writer, you run the risk of your new hire:

  • Not hitting the ground running (and really, why should they be expected to?),
  • Not having the level of skill or ability that you’d thought they’d had (this has personally happened to me),
  • Not being able to deal with the amount or range of your content needs,
  • Not being able to communicate or adapt your message in a variety of ways.

….which can be horribly frustrating, not to mention delaying and/or destructive.

That’s why a content agency is so great: you can literally throw anything at us, forget about it…and then receive it back, near-perfect, a short time later. There’s no training, no fuss, no hand-holding involved – just one email and the finished product is returned to you.   

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We’re A Content Agency Who’s Always Here

We know that things can happen, one market closes, or you’re interested in entering a new market – and we’re here, ready and willing to help you do that (content-wise, at least), hassle-free.

And, we’ll always be here: we won’t give you a 30-day notice and leave; we’re in this for the long-haul. Even better: we know what we’re doing, and do it to a high standard. Best of all – we’ll quickly get your content requests back to you.

We’re All This Content, and we’re a high-quality, quick turnaround, all-round awesome content agency – and we’d love to help you with all of your content needs.

Contact us today, and get the best content you’ve ever seen.