What is a content specialist

What is a Content Specialist? Updated for 2020

Asking a content specialist what they do is a tricky question.

A better question would be, what don’t they do? Working as a “content specialist” you’re likely to feel as though the role is highly variable: are we creative writers, researchers, journalists, marketing strategists, social media marketers – or maybe even a bit of everything? The job is far more multifaceted than you’d likely ever imagined.

We are Cool-Headed Chameleons

In our eyes, we content specialists have to act like chameleons on a daily basis. We bounce between subjects, mastering endless new topics as the world goes round.

It is our job to not get into a tizzy with all the pressure that comes with mixing creativity and deadlines, but to thoroughly understand a topic, a concept or even a product and encapsulate the persona of said topic into a melody of words. We have to take a concept sometimes totally unfamiliar; breathe it, understand it, become it, if you like, and somehow explain it to a target audience in a suitable tone that they can comprehend.

We carefully splutter words across a page to engross the reader, be it for the purpose of content for a client’s site, perhaps to endorse a product, to inform, or even just for SEO purposes. We have to carefully insert those keywords to make them flow and dance across the page, keeping the reader’s interest, of course. So, are you interested?

What Does a Content Specialist Do?

What Does a Content Specialist Do?

You may be wondering what a content specialist does, but as we mentioned before, the real question is, what don’t we do?

Many companies employ a content specialist to

  • drive targeted traffic,
  • generate revenue,
  • write blog posts,
  • boost up their website SEO
  • grow their email lists and social media following.

Still with us?

Working as content writers for a content creation company is where the real fun begins.

We at All This Content have to pass a wizardry test just to get through the door. That is, to be able to research, understand and explain pretty much any concept under the sun.

A content specialist has to figure out how to tell a story about whatever brand or project it is that they are working on. And the biggest job of all is in creating content that someone actually wants to read, or better yet – share.  

Every day at the office is full of excitement and promise. You never know what projects await, it’s kind of enthralling and exciting to absorb new topics on a daily basis and then find yourself being able to blab on about them – write that is.

Marketing Minds

Apart from the ability to absorb topics and masterfully portray them, it is also important to have a marketing-oriented mind and be familiar with the best marketing techniques. Even though the ‘rules’ and trends are forever changing, a content specialist should have a solid grasp for search engine optimisation techniques, social media, marketing tools and the current industry trends, to name but a very few….in addition to being excellent writers, of course.

Content Specialist


A good content specialist should have perspicacity. Not sure what that is?

In other words, they should be constantly on their feet and resourceful. Like journalists, a content specialist has to fluctuate between research and writing, often juggling several projects, client needs and deadlines all at the same time.

Each piece of writing should be given the care and attention it needs but from a new angle of course. We need to be on the hunt for credible sources and devote enough time to finding a host of material to work with, as we strip it down to the most important details, and then of course jazz it back up to finish. It is no secret that Grammarly and the dictionary are our secret BFFs, particularly when switching between American and British English – which is a whole other topic altogether.

Creativity Under Pressure

A good content specialist is not just a copywriter or content writer, but should also have the ability to keep the attention of their audience whilst on a deadline.

A word nerd should eat, sleep and breathe words (yes it is possible). Even if you didn’t sleep well the night before, there should be a little creativity cupboard in your brain that, with every sip of coffee, opens the door wider and wider. It truly is a magical feeling.

And there you have it, the components that make up a content specialist – give or take a bit.

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