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What Does a Content Writer Do, Anyway?

By Rachamim Kennard

Well, we write of course! But obviously, it’s not that simple. Like many professions, a content writer’s job is hard to define, as it can vary from project to project. Yet, there are several underlying aspects of content writing which all forms share. These include writing engaging and readable content, editing articles, optimising websites, and proofreading.

Web Content

Essentially, content writers create content for the web. Web content itself can take on many forms, including but not limited to:

  • Landing pages
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Facebook ads
  • Social Media pages
  • Promotional emails
  • B2B content
  • Online reviews
  • Content marketing and linkbuilding

And more! Each type of web content requires a different approach. For example, promotional emails and Facebook ads are filled with buzzwords, one-liners, and CTAs. In contrast, B2B and marketing content requires a much more formal type of writing. Content writers must be capable of effortlessly adapting their writing style to suit each client’s needs.

Content Writer - All This Content

Online Marketing

Quality content, accurately conveying the company’s message is crucial. Brand recognition and high web traffic translates into higher revenues for businesses. In today’s evermore online business world, every retail outlet and grocery shop needs a website to promote their products and attract customers.

Furthermore, many businesses operate exclusively online, which necessitates excellent web content. Content writers are responsible for creating engaging and enticing content to attract new visitors to a website. Superb web content also encourages site visitors to stay on your site. The longer a visitor stays on site, the more likely they’ll become customers.   

Social Media ads and promotional emails are also fantastic ways to drive further online sales. Content writers combine a strong working knowledge of the marketing industry and excellent writing skills to create alluring and appealing ads, which funnels customers to your site.  

SEO Optimisation

Websites, web content and blogs all require serious web-ready optimisation. If customers can’t find your site on a search engine, you won’t get much web traffic – it’s as simple as that. Most online businesses rely on search engine rankings just as much as PPC Ads or affiliate marketing to generate clicks.

Content writers can seamlessly integrate keywords into the text, without compromising on readability. Keyword stuffing is, after all, pretty much useless nowadays, as every search engine can quickly and easily filter out poor quality content.

Content Writer - All This Content

Site Copy

Websites rely on organic search rankings, PPC ads and social media posts to attract customers to their site. Yet many websites don’t invest in site copy, which is what encourages the visitor to stay and hopefully buy the product.

Copywriting is one of the main things we do here at All This Content. Site copy is broadly defined as written content, which is designed to increase brand awareness and encourage people to buy a particular product. The gatekeeper of success to an online retailer or business? The site’s copy. After all, how can a potential customer buy something which they either can’t understand, don’t see the benefit in, or which doesn’t inspire them? That’s where solid, converting copywriting comes in.

We write for a variety of verticals, including online gaming, antivirus and VPN products and tech blogs. Copywriting differs from other forms of content creation. First, copy tends to have an agenda, it may be informative but it’s also written to promote a particular product or brand. Copywriters must be adaptable, able to research quickly, and accurately convey the client’s message.

If you’re looking for copy or content which converts – then get in touch with All This Content today.