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Top 10 Company Website Content Tips

By Felicity Kay

Top quality company website content encourages visitors to stay, see what you have to offer and then convert.

Unless you grab the reader right from the off, no one’s going to be reading your company website content. It’s a universal truth, unfortunately, acknowledged, that a user, in need of good content, must be in want of…something. And, if they don’t see what they want to – that user is going to bounce – and sooner, rather than later.

If you want to generate leads and drive traffic to your website, your company website content has to stand out from the crowd.

It needs to be:

  • Engaging
  • Captivating
  • To the point
  • Easy to read

Without further ado (or borrowed literary quotes), here are our top 10 tips for creating great website content:

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Have a Clear Message

Vague, fuzzy content with no underlying message is one of the most common company website content mistakes. Unless you have a clear, simple point, your content really has no value – to the user, or to you.

Content has to be a guiding force, leading a user to your end, converting goal. Before you start to create your content, you need to first have a content strategy – set your content goals, work backwards from your endpoint – but always make sure to stick to the point. 

Create Unique Content

There are too many websites out there, all basically saying the same thing. If you want to engage readers, you have to create fresh, original content, adding something new to what’s already been said (and written) 1000 times over. Yes, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel – but how about adding a new take on the wheel that everybody knows and recognizes? 

Make it Readable

No one wants to read complicated, run-on sentences, so keep your content brief and to the point. Avoid overly complex words and phrases, and don’t use jargon – unless you know your audience will understand and buy into it. Instead, our general advice is to keep your sentences short, your vocabulary simple and your points clear.

Don’t forget about your format and paragraphs though. Online consumers don’t want to read (and will be easily and quickly put off by) long chunks of text, so try to have plenty of white-space, bullet points and paragraph breaks.

Explain Your Product/Service Perfectly

If a visitor to your site can’t work out what your company does, then your company website content has failed. Your landing page should contain clear, precise information which explains exactly what you’re offering. Users aren’t going to cut you any slack – if something is unclear, they will bounce to a site where it’s more to the point. 

Sell, Sell, Sell

You can’t force your product onto the customer, but you still have to convert site visits into sales. Your company website content should be a funnel within itself, encouraging visitors to buy your product or use your service…but this has to be managed skillfully. 

The best way to do this is with top quality site copy.

Company Website content | All This Content blog

Write For Your Audience

  • Who’s visiting your website?
  • Who uses your services?
  • Who’s buying your product?

These are key questions you need answers to before creating your website content. After all, if your content isn’t aimed at your target audience, it’s unlikely it’ll be effective. 

Avoid Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

Nothing says ‘unprofessional’ like spelling and grammar mistakes do. 

After you’ve finished writing, read it over several times to make sure its ship-shape. Other than running your work through a spellchecker (or asking a willing volunteer for their opinion), give it the once-over before you hit ‘publish’. 

Keep Your Content Up to Date

Search engines love updated and fresh content and so does your audience. No one wants to read yesterday’s news, so update your content regularly and post frequently. If your company website content is out of date, it looks like your company is too. 

Treat All Your Pages Equally

Focusing only on the landing page, and then ignoring the other pages is a rookie error.  You never know what an interested site visitor will be looking for, so make sure to fill your site pages with exciting and high-quality content.

Establish Your Expertise

Position yourself as an expert in your field, but don’t overdo it. A good idea is pitching your content’s level to the lowest common denominator, so that anyone and everyone can understand it. At the same time, make it clear you know what you’re talking about, and you’re a skilled and competent professional.

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