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Here’s How Content Writing is Important for Digital PR

You might recognize (and loathe) the buzzword-ish nature of ‘content writing’ and ‘PR’ – but, as the times are a-changing, so is the way in which we network, make a name for ourselves and get noticed.

This is even truer of the PR world: while ‘Public Relations’ might conjure up images of smooth-talking Yuppies, schmoozing for their life (cc Ab Fab’s Edina; Samatha Jones in Sex and the City etc), actually, when it comes to the fabulous world of digital PR, there’s a whole different  (and more effective) way of running things.

What is Digital PR?

The first thing you should know is, it’s better to forget all you know about traditional PR.

With the advent of the internet, reaching people and marketing your product/brand became much quicker, easier – and cheaper. For comparison, just think about the expense and uncertainty of taking out a newspaper and back in the 1990s, compared the relative ease and simplicity (and the hardcore metrics) of setting up and sponsoring a Facebook post. See what we mean?

The same goes for digital PR. While traiditonal PR demands a lot of, well, demanding people, schmoozing opportunities and networking, digital PR is an altogether far more relaxed affair. In fact, it rarely involves any sort of face to face meetup, or anything where you even need to be appropriately dressed!

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How to ‘Do’ Digital PR

You might as well ignore the ‘PR’ in ‘digital PR’, as traditionally it would involve getting dressed up to the nines and being refused entry if you didn’t have the right footwear! With digital PR, there’s no dresscode (or need to drink copious amounts of alcohol to get through to someone).

No: instead, digital PR is all about top-notch SEO and getting your site somewhere where it will be noticed.

So how does this happen, practuically-speaking? Here are just a few digital PR strategies you should know about:

  • Writing guest posts for other blogs/online magazines to gain backlinks (a link back to your website, therefore boosting it in the eyes of search engines)
  • Writing and sending out press releases to market and draw attention to newsworthy items, also gaining a backlink or an increase of traffic to your site
  • Social media influencer marketing – reaching out to influential social media accounts.

Content Writing and Digital PR: Working Hand in hand  

Here’s the biggest difference between digital PR and its traditional cousin: with digital PR, content really maters. No blogger, influencer or otherwise will be seen dead with a post/image/infographic that harms their brand, and so having the appropriate content – for longer-form pieces, ensuring all spelling, grammar, punctuation etc is correct; for shorter-form pieces, making it fun and punchy, as well as all of the above – is essential.

Enlisting the help of a professional content writer or copywriter will help you achieve your digital PR goals; while most content or copywriters will produce great content or copy, it’s up to you to then use it for marketing purposes. One thing’s for certain – great content or copy is easier to ‘sell’ to influencers and bloggers; something less well-written or that serves no purpose will be far less so.

Great Content Makes for Great Digital PR: The Benefits

Digital PR goes beyond just getting your business ‘out there’; it also boosts your SEO and reputation!

Having awesome content and a solid digital PR strategy will –

  • Improve your SEO – you’ll be boosted higher in search engines, meaning more leads
  • Boost your site traffic – which means it’s up to your site to do the heavy lifting, so you better make sure it’s in good shape!
  • Build brand trust, and encourage sales

So ultimately, digital PR is a great way to boost your business and directly encourage sales.

What’s not to love?

And as far as the content ‘heavy lifting’ goes…

digital PR All This Content


Content for Digital PR: Some Quick Tips

Let’s say your digital PR strategy is working nicely – you’re getting leads in, but aren’t getting conversions.

There are several content and copy-related factors involved in the ‘backend’ of your digital PR strategy, which are well-worth you double checking:

  • Does your website encourage visitors to take an action? Whether that’s downloading something, getting in touch or buying, is there a range of clear CTAs? Is your site easy to navigate, and optimized for users?
  • Does your site speak the language of your digital PR strategy? For example, if a user clicks through a Facebook ad promising X, are there further mentions of X on the landing page? Make sure not to confuse your user!
  • Does your content have something to say? Or is it up there for filler or fluff? Do an audit and get rid of everything non-essential or more crucially, not working for you or your brand.

Ultimately, if we could advise anything, it’s to let your content work hard, while you work smart: a small but intense time investment in building your digital PR strategy from your content-up can go a very long way to ensuring your digital PR success!