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Why Content Matters More Than Ever in 2018

By Rachamim Kennard It’s 2018 and content is king. Here’s why: 2017 was a remarkable year. Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States, Robert Mugabe was deposed cryptocurrency entered the frenzy phrase And, outbound marketing died Well, it didn’t die altogether, but it’s certainly on life support. New technological […]

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SEO Content Writing 101

By Annabelle Amery Let’s Get Back to Basics: What is SEO? With SEO swiftly becoming one of the fastest changing channels in today’s digital marketing age, it’s all the more important for businesses to keep up with the times. Businesses must remain malleable when it comes to not only SEO, but also their marketing […]

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What Does a Content Writer Do, Anyway?

By Rachamim Kennard Well, we write of course! But obviously, it’s not that simple. Like many professions, a content writer’s job is hard to define, as it can vary from project to project. Yet, there are several underlying aspects of content writing which all forms share. These include writing engaging and readable content, editing […]

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What is a Content Specialist? Updated for 2020

Asking a content specialist what they do is a tricky question. A better question would be, what don’t they do? Working as a “content specialist” you’re likely to feel as though the role is highly variable: are we creative writers, researchers, journalists, marketing strategists, social media marketers – or maybe even a bit of everything? […]

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Why You Should Invest In Your Content

By Rachamim Kennard Filling your webpage with detailed, insightful, and well-written content is a major factor when it comes to marketing your business and products. Well-researched and properly presented content is a vital sales technique; it can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful marketing campaign. Company website content can have a profound […]

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