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The ATC Re-Brand: We Present the New, Upgraded ATC!

By Felicity Kay, ATC’s CEO If you’re reading this, then you might have seen that things look a little bit different around here. …not too different: we still have our super-cool cat logo, but otherwise, everything is new, improved – and even more awesome. We’ve been incredibly busy changing absolutely everything about the way we […]

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The Importance of Content Writing in Your SEO Strategy

Make sure you’re sitting comfortably for this one!  Understanding the importance of the relationship between content and SEO is a bit like the relationship between fish and chips, a cup of tea and a biscuit or a knife and a fork – sure, you can try to have one without the other, but you’ll only […]

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Does Your Company Blog Need a Shakeup?

Yes, we know: content is king, and blogging is one of the most flexible mediums to achieve most if not all, of your content marketing goals. But, as great as corporate blogs are, they’re only as good as they are effective: all of which begs the question – does your company blog need a shakeup? […]

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A Content Overview – How to Write a Review

By Felicity Kay Can you even remember the last time you tried out a new service or product without reading an online review? We’re guessing it was a long time ago. Recent studies have found that 92% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. This is a scary statistic for business owners, […]

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A Content Overview – How to ‘Do’ Email Marketing

By Felicity Kay When it comes to generating leads and client retention nothing beats email marketing. For the past 10 years, email marketing has been the most effective and cost-efficient method to connect with existing clients and attract new customers. Far more people use email than social media, and it’s a better long-term solution […]

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A Content Overview – All About Case Studies

By Annabelle Amery  When thinking about investing in a service or product, what’s the first thing you do to find out if said product is the real deal? Ask friends? Look for reviews? Or better yet, case studies? With 9 out of 10 consumers reading online reviews to determine the quality of a business, […]

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Top 10 Company Website Content Tips

By Felicity Kay Top quality company website content encourages visitors to stay, see what you have to offer and then convert. Unless you grab the reader right from the off, no one’s going to be reading your company website content. It’s a universal truth, unfortunately, acknowledged, that a user, in need of good content, […]

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